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ellie rodz

About Me

Ellie is a mezzo soprano artsy connoisseur with a strong musical theater background she can also do impressions, yodel, paint, act, and she even dabbles in screen writing.

Languages: English & Spanish

Heritage: Dominican & Cuban Descent.


Professional home studio for VoiceOver

  • Source connect

  • Equipment: Senheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic, Scarlett Solo, Audiotechnica stereo headphones, Signature XLR Mic, Adobe Audition, Logic Pro.


You can hear me on..

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 11.26.47 AM.png


Cinnamon Toast Crunch Spot - Spotify (2023)
St. Pete/ Clearwater Beaches Spot - Spotify (2022)

S2 - Kickstarter commercial (2022)



NDA Video Game Project (2025)

NDA Youtube TV Show
(In production)
Lead & various voices

NDA Youtube Web Short (In production)

NDA Short film (2024)
Lead & various voices

hey. - By ToonrificTariq Youtube TV Series (In production)

Supporting / Bre Leonardo

Heart's Tale Teaser Trailer (Video Game) (In production)
Brave Girl

Erin Fitzgerald - Video game & Animation Coach 
Tracy Pfau - Animation & Acting Coach 
Rick Party - Commercial & Promo Coach 
Chris Perez (Universal Acting Studios) - Acting Coach 
Anna Silvetti - Spanish Dialect & Dubbing Coach 


-2021 Ultimate VO Survivor Overall Grand Prize Winner by Get Mic’d

-Grand prize winner of The International Voiceover competition held by the 529 club and Mark Summers Presents.

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